Client shortlisted for RIBA Awards 2018

Sally on January 20, 2019

We are excited to hear news from our client of their container conversion award nomination. Even container conversions can win awards!  RIBA awards and prizes for buildings have championed and celebrated the best architecture in the UK and around the world, no matter the form, size or budget.  We are excited to learn a client we supplied and converted four 10ft containers for has been shortlisted for a RIBA award.

Our work on the project

We used three brand new standard sized 10ft x 8ft wide containers, but for the fourth container, we custom built a 7ft 6in wide container, in order for the completed construction to fit the available site space.  The front and back walls were removed on three containers, for the installation of windows.  We then created a 1.5m wide, full height aperture, in the containers, to create a larger open space between three of the containers, connected with a walkway.

The description may not do the container conversion award nominee justice, but we think you’ll agree the picture of the completed project has a stunning aesthetic!

Our client’s work on the project

This project is a porcelain gallery and office accommodation for a UK leading tile distributor.  The Porcelain Gallery is the first new build shipping container construction to be approved within a Conservation area in central London. The containers are sprayed hues of red and yellow to match the original glazed bricks of the surrounding Listed Buildings, and consists of two levels. The ground level has the the three red containers and the fourth container is coloured yellow and angled in order to point towards the best view.

container office conversion inside view
container office conversion London outside view