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10ft Wide Shipping Container Garage - The CarTainer

Need somewhere secure to store your car safely? We have designed and built a unique 10ft wide shipping container garage, specifically for car storage. Using a shipping container to keep your car in makes good sense, as they are portable so don’t usually require planning permission, very secure, and can be installed and ready to use within days of purchase. However, the common problem associated with traditional shipping containers used as a car store is insufficient room to get in and out the car once parked. Using our expertise of container design and manufacture,  we addressed these issues and have come up with an exclusive design of container for car storage.

This 10ft wide shipping container garage, the CarTainer, has been built from scratch, using our expertise in garage design. At 10ft wide it gives an additional 2ft of space to exit the car once parked inside. As well as extra room, we’ve added ventilation to stop condensation, and top notch security locks, to keep your pride and joy safe and dry. Choose from a range of lengths to suit you vehicle size, from 15ft upwards. Optional extras, such as ramps and electrics are available to enhance your CarTainer.

For bespoke garage build please enquire, We can create even wider garages by joining up shipping containers widthways. This extra wide garage conversion for a client used three containers to give a total width of 24ft. 

  • Project Details:
  • New build
  • 15ft long x 10ft wide x 8ft 6in high
  • 8 vents - 4 high, 4 low on opposite sides
  • Heavy weight bearing floor of up to 4 tonnes
  • High security mortice lock
  • 3 heavy duty welded hinges each side
  • Shoot bolts
  • 2 machine engineered ship handles
  • Painting to your colour of choice is included in the price!