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Cheshire Wildlife Trust Cladded Container Workshop

For our client, the Cheshire Wildlife Trust, we created a cladded container workshop using a simple 20ft used container. To blend in with the natural rural surroundings where the box is now located, we used clear treated white spruce cladding, and fitted double glazed sliding doors  in the side which can be locked away at night using a set of container style side doors which close over the top. A fold away worktop bench fitted inside makes the unit both practical for staff, and suitable for visitors.

This cladded container workshop features just one of a range of alternative door types we offer to replace, or in addition to, standard shipping container doors. Our clients often choose patio style doors, to compliment cladded containers, as they both match the aesthetic and allow easier access for frequent pedestrian use. We also offer French style, sliding and bi-folding openings depending on your requirements in a variety of different colours. You can view an example of bi-folding doors on a cladded container, that were fitted in the Camlan Garden Centre shop.

  • Project Details:
  • 20ft used container with original doors
  • Timber clad with white spruce, rough sawn
  • Anti condensation (Grafotherm) spray
  • 3ft x 6ft steel work top bench (fold away)
  • 1 x double sliding glazed door
  • Flat panel doors to cover sliding doors
  • 2 x windows