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Container Swimming Pool Changing Rooms

This super stylish, cladded container swimming pool changing rooms was built for a private school in Shropshire to accompany the school’s swimming pool. This conversion job was prepared at our in-house depot and finished on site where it was joined and sealed.

The job specifics

This space was created by using four 20ft once-used high cube containers, removing six 20ft sides and reinforcing the apertures to enable them to be joined on site. In order to create the perfect swimming pool changing rooms, these units were then fitted out with wipe-clean melamine lining and insulation, non-slip vinyl floor, two disabled access toilets, communal showers, and a set of male and female changing rooms, complete with benches and coat hooks. We then added full electrics to the units with separate consumer units for each one so they could be powered independently of each other, and a hot water boiler to heat the showers was installed in a self contained room. The exterior was clad in tannalised clean cut cladding to enhance the aesthetics, with access via a set of French style patio doors set in the side. Two additional fire escape doors were added to the changing rooms, and one more as an exit from the showers to cover health and safety.

For another example of a joined up job, used to create more space but still using shipping containers as the base, check out our project on our Beckington Mill Garage Conversion.

  • Special Features:
  • 4 x 20ft long x 8ft wide joined high cube containers
  • No container end doors
  • Internal partition walls
  • Full side aperture to join container B
  • 2x extra wide fire escape doors
  • 4ft & 5ft high privacy walls
  • 4x high rise windows (with frosted glass)
  • 6ft UPVC patio doors
  • Extra wide external personnel door
  • External cladding
  • Melamine lining
  • Vinyl flooring
  • 48ft of benching and hooks along sides
  • Disabled access toilets
  • Access way with door through to toilets
  • 5 x open showers
  • Plant room with storage heaters
  • Electrics - inc strip lights, heaters, and double sockets

Special Features: