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New Build Living Accommodation

Think you can’t live in a shipping container? Well take a look at this extra wide, new build living accommodation container, designed and built for our client to use as an extra bedroom/living space. While it’s easy to cut shipping containers to any length, in order to increase the width beyond the standard size of 8ft, we can build a brand new container. The extra 2ft in width gives a less cramped feel if you are going to living inside. We added ply ling and insulation to control the ambient temperature inside and prevent condensation from occurring, while the windows and patio doors are protected by anti-vandal shutters and flat panel steel doors, making this a secure, as well as comfortable, space to live in. We can’t wait to see what this container will look like inside once our client has kitted it out!

  • Special Features:
  • New build 32ft x 10ft x 8ft 6in container
  • 8ft wide sliding patio door (white UPVC)
  • 10ft flat panel double door to cover patio doors (with tie backs)
  • Insulated and ply lined (9mm redfaced)
  • Electrics including downlighting and plug sockets
  • Personnel door
  • 2 x 1500mm x 1000mm windows with shutters
  • Anti-vandal window 1000x1000mm with shutters
  • Painted black