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Falcon Shipping Container Chemical Store

The Falcon is our standard shipping container chemical store. Our clients can select this model in a range of lengths, from once used or used containers.

Step 1 – The sumped base

One of the requirements of a shipping container chemical store is that it must be bunded – meaning it can safely contain any leaks or spillages. The Falcon does this using a sumped base with drainage grate, and the inclusion of drainage values, to enable the sump to be emptied safely.

The first part of this process, is to flip the container on its side, in order to remove the timber floor and replace this with a steel floor welded to the underside.

After the container is the right way up again, we create a steel structure and weld this to the existing cross members of the floor, upon which we can attach the new floor, leaving a sump between.

Step 2 – The floor

When this stage is complete we offer two choices of floor – a Durbar anti slip plate, or a drainage grate. With the first option, we leave a gap around the edges to enable spillages to be collected in the sump.

Step 3 – The drainage valves

To finish the floor, we fit removable valves to the bottom rail of the container, to enable the sump to be emptied.

Step 4 – The louvre vents

Large vents reduce the temperature within the container, and allow any build up of toxic fumes to escape. We cut apertures into the walls of the container, fit a steel frame, to which the vents can be attached. For more information see our page Shipping Container Vents

The finished Falcon

Our client requested a repaint in yellow, but we can repaint to any colour. We also offer shelving as an optional extra.

Enquire about our bespoke chemical store conversions if you have any specific requirements not covered by the Falcon. For example, this bespoke chemical storage unit was converted to fit on a train to spray weeds in transit!

  • Reinforced steel floor
  • Sumped base
  • Removable drainage grate
  • Drainage valves
  • Large louvered vents