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Hilti Shipping Container Exhibition Stand

Containers make easily transportable and quirky exhibition stands to showcase your products and services, and are suitable for a variety of events. We made this shipping container exhibition stand “from scratch”, rather than converting an existing shipping container, but both options work well depending upon your budget and requirements. This particular unit was made for a company that sells specialist industry tools, and they wanted the inside of the container to resemble a ship to display their products at trade exhibitions.

Hilti required a bright red shipping container exhibition stand, built to 10ft long, 8ft wide and 9ft6 high out of 6mm thick steel (meaning a traditional container conversion wouldn’t work as the corrugated steel is thinner at 1.6mm). We fitted lifting eyes to the top rail so the unit could be lifted easily via hiab, and corner castings to the top and bottom corners of the unit so the customer could mount their own display sign on top. Two manual roller shutters were fitted to the container so it could be locked up safely when not in use. Along with the steel exterior, we also welded in a 3mm anti-slip steel durbar floor, and painted the inside grey.  The unit was then collected and transported to multiple exhibitions across the country to showcase Hilti’s brand and products inside a quirky and original exhibition stand design.

Other new build containers we design and supply include the CarTainer, a garage unit made to increase width, strength and security for purpose of storing cars.

  • Project Details:
  • New build made from 6mm flat panel mild steel
  • 10ft x 8ft x 9ft 6in (high cube)
  • 2 x mannual roller shutters
  • 3mm steel Durbar floor plate
  • 4 x lifting eyes and corner castings
  • Welded bulb stiffeners on walls and ceiling
  • Internal painting Traffic Red
  • External painted Light Grey