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Cladded Garden Office

Work from home in style with our shipping container garden offices! This 20ft cladded garden office is a container conversion that was undertaken for a client in Wiltshire, who wanted to be able to work from home in a comfortable and secure setting that blended in with the rural location. The office is complete with bi-folding doors in the side, covered with a set of steel container doors for extra security. It’s also been externally clad and fitted out inside with melamine, electrics and air conditioning.

Our shipping container garden offices can be modified to suit your exact requirements, from our basic models to high end with a touch of luxury, like this example. Find out more about all types of shipping container offices. The portability of container offices is a big bonus, meaning you’re free to move sites, even take it with you if you move house! Garden offices can also be multi-purpose – not just for work, you can also use them for play. For instance, as an outdoor area to socialise in, exercise in, or has an extra bit of storage space. For example, take a look at our Garden Den. The wood cladding gives an attractive finish that allows the office to blend into the setting of a garden, but unclad containers are also popular. They can be painted to any requested colour to suit your style.

  • Special Features:
  • New 20ft container
  • Original doors to one end
  • 8ft wide white UPVC Bi-folding doors
  • Double container doors to cover, with lockbox
  • External cladding with Rustic Spruce
  • 3.5kW air-conditioning unit
  • Internal partition with door
  • Electrics hook-up and consumer unit, 6 x down lights and 3 x plug sockets