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Shipping Container Gym

Shipping container gyms are soaring in popularity as people feel safer and enjoy the convenience of working out in their own private space. Suitable as a home gym for the back garden, or as a permanent solution to finding space to run your fitness business from, whether you’re a personal trainer or a yoga teacher.

We fitted extra thick ply lining to the walls of this conversion, to allow for installing equipment on the walls. Patio style sliding doors allow for plenty of air and light to get into the container, and the container is an extra foot taller than a standard shipping container, to give a less cramped feel. The final touch on this container were the vinyl stickers as this conversion is for a franchise business.

  • Special Features:
  • Once used 20ft high cube container (9ft 6in high)
  • S2 original ISO end doors with lock box
  • 4 pane black aluminium sliding doors
  • Exterior repainting in RAL7021 (Black Grey)
  • External vinyl stickers
  • 18mm ply lining and insulation