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Shipping Container Pop Up Stage

One of the most original and spectacular conversions has to be this shipping container pop up stage for Glyndebourne Opera House. Set in the East Sussex countryside and recognised globally as one of the great opera houses, we were honoured when Glyndebourne contacted us requesting a shipping container conversion to form part of their set on a production, Belongings.

Setting the scene

Although the conversion looks impressive on stage, it was a fairly simple process to create the perfect shipping container pop up stage to meet Glyndbourne’s needs. We took a 15ft container with original doors, and removed both the front wall and one full side wall. We then replaced the front wall with another set of container doors, creating a tunnel effect when both doors are open. The container was left open sided, for stage use.  When in use for the performance, we think this conversion looks pretty impressive!

Surprisingly, shipping containers frequently make an unexpected appearance in the world of arts and entertainment. We have worked on projects for pop up galleries and exhibition spaces, music, and even a pop up catwalk!

  • Special Features:
  • Used 15ft container with ISO doors at each end
  • One full 15ft side removed
  • Repainted orange