Shipping Container Garages

Sally on November 7, 2019

Do shipping containers make good garages?

The answer is yes! They make a low cost and convenient alternative to a traditional garage. With a few modifications available at Containers Direct we can ensure your shipping container garage is fit for purpose and your car is safe, secure and dry for either frequent use or long term storage.

A basic steel shipping container unit is incredibly robust, meaning the risk of theft or vandalism is minimal. Made from Corten steel, a good quality container will be watertight and able to withstand corrosion. This is an excellent starting point for a garage. The downside is that with a standard 8ft wide shipping container, although your car may fit inside, opening the doors to enter and exit your car can be a bit tight with anything other than a small vehicle. Also condensation inside shipping containers can be a problem with rapid temperature changes over night and in the winter.

Both these issues can be resolved with Containers Direct’s garage container conversions. We can ply line any container to completely eliminate condensation, and if extra width is required we have two options:

  1. The purpose built CarTainer – built to 10ft wide, this gives a highly convenient extra 2ft of space inside the container. We can make these to any length, with the most popular being 10ft, 15ft and 20ft. But the choice is yours! These garages are built from new in our own production facilities, from corrugated box profile steel with a reinforced ply floor. A range of optional extras, including ply lining are available to customise your container garage.
  2. Joining up shipping containers – if you require a garage much wider than 10ft, for instance if you are storing two cars or need extra space for general storage, we can join standard 8ft wide shipping containers together to give spaces of 16ft wide, 24ft wide, and beyond. Take a look at his 20ft wide CarTainer.

Cladding and roller shutters

Wood cladding is a popular optional extra with shipping container garages, along with a full width roller shutter. These features are both practical and easy on the eye. Your garage will be the talk of the town! See our Beckington Mill garage case study.

shipping container garage joined up units
10ft wide shipping container garage new build