Wonderful Woods

Sally on August 27, 2019

How to make a shipping container not look like a shipping container – choose wood cladding! Whether it’s a simple storage unit, or a complete conversion, wood cladding can transform the appearance of a metal box into an attractive wood cabin.

For rural locations and Greenfield sites, cladding can satisfy planning permission requirements, blend in with the beauty of its surroundings, or simply make your container a cut above the rest. We’ve clad containers for pop up cafes, rural visitor attractions, garden centres, garages, schools and back gardens. We can even add a sloping roof for ultimate stealth.

Stunning locations for stunning containers

See where some of our cladded containers have ended up:

We offer three different types of cladding:

Bespoke options where specific planning permission requirements apply are available (eg Siberian Larch). Speak to our Sales Advisors for prices and guidance.

container pop up cafe cladded