Top Five Shipping Container Conversions

Sally on October 9, 2020

Using a shipping container as the basis for a conversion project is at the height of popularity right now. Upcycling and keeping the costs of materials down is the new trend as we are becoming a greener society and it makes sense to make good use of existing resources. Shipping container conversions are not only environmentally friendly, they are also incredibly diverse. They can be used for multiple purposes and their flexibility is the key to their success. A wide range of modifications can be carried out on shipping containers to make them fit for all types of applications, and they can even be adapted on the outside with wood cladding so they no longer look like a metal box!

See our most popular shipping container ideas:

1. Portable offices

These have an advantage over traditional bricks and mortar structures as there are no ongoing costs to pay once built, such as rent, and they can be relocated if needed. Shipping containers can be cut to any size, so however small the space you have available, you can probably fit in a portable office container, and with more and more people choosing to work from home these days, you can even put one in your back garden. For a basic office we add anti-vandal windows, a personnel door, lining and insulation, vinyl flooring and electrics, and offer upgrades such as patio doors and wood cladding for a luxury finish. Find out more about portable office containers, from our ModiBox® range to luxury bespoke conversions.

2. Catering conversions

The popularity of shipping container catering units lies in their mobility, as they are perfect for the pop-up circuit of festivals, events and temporary residence. Larger catering units are also suitable for more permanent residence. Even the smallest size shipping container can offer sufficient space for food production, and with a choice of designs for a serving hatch, including roller shutters, canopy hatches and fold out shutters windows, they can be adapted to your own design. See some examples of our catering conversions, from Manchester Airport to Tavistock Meadows.


3. Pop Up Shops

The container pop up shop offers rent free, highly secure retail space that can be either static or mobile. The novelty of shipping container conversions will help your business stand out from the crowd, while having the versatility to be fitted out in an attractive and engaging way to reflect your brand. Roller shutters and hatches are a popular addition to shipping container shops, for that market stall vibe, or if you are going for an upmarket look, patio doors and wood cladding are a classy touch. For an example of this, see our conversion for a farm shop in Snowdonia.

4. Garages

shipping container garage

What could be more secure than a shipping container garage to store your car in? Shipping containers are renowned for their properties of strength and security, the only drawback being that a standard shipping container can be a little bit too narrow to park up and exit, so Containers Direct design and build the unique CarTainer® – a shipping container garage built to a width of 10ft. Alternatively, shipping containers can be joined up side-by side to give wider areas of space, leaving plenty of room to store your car and the usual garage related “clutter”. Find out more about the CarTainer®.

5. Bike storage

Smaller than a garage conversion but does the same job of keeping your bikes safe and secure from thieves and vandals. Shipping containers for bike storage are usually cut down to smaller lengths, starting from as small as 8ft, so they are perfect to fit into back gardens. Include a lockbox with your container to prevent unauthorised access to the padlock. Flat pack shipping containers are often a good choice for gardens, as they get around any potential problems of access as they are completely man portable!